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Departing Thursday evening at 8:30 PM  Schooner SEA RAVEN sailed to Richardson Bay (off Sausalito) and Anchored for the night, Sushi and wine were served as a late evening snack. Friday morning after a hot breakfast the schooner motored out through the Golden Gate and Bonita Channel, and then set sail on a 12 knot Southerly for a broad reach to Drake’s Bay, where they set the hook again, and had wine poached Salmon for supper. Due to the rain they stayed aboard rather than take the inflatable to the beach, So they watched a video about the schooner HARVEY GAMAGE. After a serving of British Navy Grog, they all slept soundly, Weighing the anchor Saturday morning they sailed off the anchor toward the Farallones in glorious sunshine (For video click READ MORE below). They sighted  mink whales and many dolphins, before the seals and sea lions at the Farallones. Next they continued to Half Moon Bay for the night, and on Sunday cruised back up the coast to enter the Golden Gate just after sunset.