Schooner SEA RAVEN under sail on California Coast.

Running away to sea on a real ship: New sailboat owners often fear cruising outside the Golden Gate. Fun passages to Bodega Bay, the Farallon Islands, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Moro Bay, Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands, may seem just beyond their reach due to safety concerns for most new sailboat owners on San Francisco Bay.

Annually, there is some news story about another person or persons getting killed crossing the San Francisco Bar (because they thought they knew what they were doing when they lacked any experience). But, their failure causes many sailors to be afraid to venture past the Golden Gate.

Yet, there is such great cruising to be had on the Sonoma, Mendocino and San Mateo Coasts. The cure is LOCAL KNOWLEDGE.

Point Reyes from Seaward, somewhere that the Schooner Sea Raven can take you.

But, now new sailors can gain the coastal experience and LOCAL KNOWLEDGE they lack by simply cruising aboard Schooner SEA RAVEN under the direction of a competent and seasoned California coastal cruising veteran (ASA Certified Coastal Cruising Instructor, and Licensed Master in Sail with over 40 years experience from Alaska to Baja), and all for free along with all the fun and camaraderie of being in a Ship’s crew.

Simply investing in “shared expense cruising” they can cruise with me (Captain Hugenot) aboard the schooner. All they pay for is their food and their share of the fuel used for that cruise. The learning and experience are absolutely free……

Beginning in 2017, the schooner SEA RAVEN will be providing three day coastal cruising seminars departing out the Golden Gate and visiting Drakes Bay, the Farralon Islands, Half Moon Bay and returning through the Golden Gate.

The Farallone Islands ,”Just east of the sunset”, 27 miles west of Golden Gate

Those who attend those cruises will learn:

1. How to time their passages across the  San Francisco Bar for the best stage of winds and tides,

2. Schooner Sailing (very different from racing sail around the buoys)

3. Coastal anchoring (different than anchoring in the Bay or Delta)

4. Coastwise Piloting,

5. Celestial Navigation made easy, (for those who have an interest) Using HO-211 Ageton, and especially, running fixes by advancing Sumner lines.

6. See whales, Stellar Sea Lions (only found on offshore islands like the Farallones or Ano Nuevo. or

7. Just have fun for at sea for three to four days.

Call me at (415) 531-6172 to discuss the details of how to get involved.

Captain Alan Hugenot, Master Schooner SEA RAVEN