Cruising outside the Golden Gate and making passages to Bodega Bay, the Farallon Islands, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Moro Bay, Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands, seems just beyond reach for most new sailboat owners.

What they lack is experience sailing on and anchoring in those coastal waters.

But, they can gain that coastal experience under the direction of a competent and seasoned California coastal cruising veteran, by cruising aboard Schooner SEA RAVEN.

Simply investing in “shared expense cruising” they can cruise with me (Captain Hugenot) aboard the schooner. All they pay for is their food and their share of the fuel used for that cruise. The learning and experience are free……

Beginning in 2017 the schoonerSEA RAVEN will be providing three day coastal cruising seminars departing out the Golden Gate and visiting Drakes Bay, the Farralon Islands, Half Moon Bay and returning through the Golden Gate.

Those who attend will learn how to time their passages for the best stage of winds and tides when crossing the Golden Gate bar, coastal anchoring, coastal piloting, and just have fun for three days.

Call me at (415) 531-6172 to discuss the details of how to get involved.

Captain Alan Hugenot, Master Schooner SEA RAVEN