1. YOUR EXPERT MUST BE QUALIFIED AS AN EXPERT BY THE JUDGE: If your so-called “EXPERT” fails the judges examination because he lacks proper credentials or relevant experience THEN YOUR EXPERT’S TESTIMONY IS THROWN OUT …..and you lose the case.

Capt. Hugenot has always been found qualified by the judge as expert witness on maritime subjects in both state and federal courts., because HE HAS THE CREDENTIALS TO PROVE THAT HE IS A NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED MARITIME EXPERT, in both design and operation. He writes the boating industry standards, as well as operates, surveys, designs, and built vessels. Consequently, has has successfully delivered expert testimony from the witness stand in court, at depositions, and written opinions in scores of Maritime cases.

2. YOUR EXPERT MUST REMAIN POISED AND FOCUSED UNDER CROSS EXAM: When the opposing council goes after your expert’s ego during cross examination, if your witness does not have confidence in his own expertise to remain poised and focused, then the barrage from the cross may quickly get under his skin as the opposing counsel literally assassinates your witness…..if this happens you quickly lose the case.

Captain Hugenot, has written the book on everything maritime, on ship operations as well as design, and he has the awards, honors and certificates to prove it. He confidently sits through character assassination in the witness box, letting it slip off like water off a ducks back. As the Cross-examiner tries to say, “You don’t know the first thing about Motor Yachts” Capt. Hugenot smiles back totally un-flustered thinking,….”Yes, I suppose that is why SNAME made me chairman of the committee and why NFPA, ABYC and ABS have me review and edit all their motor yacht standards”. Actually, he has previously been cross examined on almost every challenge that opposing council can think up. He sits there smiling at opposing counsel’s questions while thinking “Can’t you come up with anything new?”.

He has been cross examined many times in both federal and state courts, and has given depositions dozens of times and consequently speaks with the confidence which comes from decades of successful experience as both a ship designer and ship’s master.

3. YOUR EXPERT MUST PROVIDE CONVINCING TESTIMONY TO THE JUDGE AND JURY: This is the acid test beyond surviving the judges examination and the cross exam assassination,. Can your expert convincingly present the evidence to the judge and jury leading them to the necessary conclusions……..if not….again…. you lose.

Captain Hugenot, has successfully communicated complicated maritime concepts to the general public for over 20 years as a boating journalist who has published hundreds of magazine articles in popular boating magazines. He is excellent at presenting the technical aspects of maritime subjects in a free and easy style readily understood by average readers. He also has decades of teaching difficult navigation subjects and sailing in public classes where he has learned how to get technical boating concepts understood by laymen. He draws on all this experience and alike an excellent college professor as he literally entertains both the judge and jury while he confidently and believably organizes the evidence for them to prove your case

Captain Hugenot has served as expert witness in scores of federal and state cases. He has delivered expert testimony from the witness stand in court, at depositions and in written expert opinions on the following subjects :
Vessel operations in crew & passenger safety for personal injury litigation,
Navigation forensics, weather, sea conditions and rogue waves
Vessel design, safety, and stability in product guarantee litigation.
Fair Market Valuation (FMV) and vessel material conditions
Forensic investigation of Diesel and gasoline engine failures

Capt Hugenot is an extensively published writer in both the popular media and in technical publications and standards for the past 20 years. Further, he has written professional opinions since 1982 and in all his writing he creates lucid prose, which is excellently illustrated with graphs and photographs and easily understood by casual readers, juries, judges and even opposing counsel.

A MAJOR DIFFERENCE: Most attorneys forget to utilize an expert when laying out their evidence strategies and “brain storming” in their preparation of the case for trial. But, Captain Hugenot is a polymath intellectual whose forte is synthesis of a multiplicity of material into a cohesive whole, and having completed the first year of law school he understands the legal principles involved as well as the maritime aspects. From his very first case, back in 1983, he has often assisted counsel with the development of case strategy, in both criminal and civil litigation. He can be a great help in determining evidence presentation strategies for trial deliveries.

After independently reviewing the case file and writing & publishing his independent opinion, he can later meet with attorneys to assist in finding the best strategy for evidence and testimony deliveries for the upcoming trial, without compromising his independence.

Call him at (415) 531-6172 to discuss your case and strategies.
Captain Alan Hugenot’s CV