Michael, Jeremy & Ryan assemble the SEA EAGLE 

October 22, 2017: The crew carefully assembled, inflated and launched the new inflatable which was received this month as a donation to the SEA RAVEN FOUNDATION, which is a non-profit foundation dedicated to traditional sail training.  The new inflatable is manufactured by SEA EAGLE BOATS, Inc. So the SEA RAVEN now has its own SEA EAGLE as a follower.

The crew rowed the new SEA EAGLE over to the SEA RAVEN 

The inflatable’s name has great symbolic synergy.  Schooner SEA RAVEN’s name was chosen to honor the native people of HAIDA GWAII. The word HAIDA means “The People”, and these seafaring people have lived on a group of offshore islands in British Columbia for some 17,000 years. These islands rise from the Pacific 100 kilometers West of Prince Rupert, B.C. at the very edge of the continental shelf, “Just East of the Sunset”

The people call their home islands HAIDA GWAII, And, it is one of the loveliest places on the Pacific Coast of North America but a place that very few sailors have visited. Both Captain Hugenot and the Chief Mate Michael Grebowicz have sailed through Haida Gwaii in the years before organizing Schooner SEA RAVEN.

The HAIDA people have two clans (or moiety social groups) the Raven Clan and the Eagle Clan, the HAIDA culture says that it is customary for a young person from the Raven Clan to marry only someone from the Eagle Clan, and vice versa. In the HAIDA tradition the children of the couple will be members of the mother’s clan.

So, it appears that synergistically, when the Sea RAVEN went looking for an inflatable to be her partner, she naturally chose a Sea EAGLE to follow the HAIDA tradition.