In an earlier blog I discussed where to get parts for older boat engines and since then another valuable resource has come to light.

L.A. HARBOR MARINE, located in Wilmington, is the Gray Marine Authorized West Coast Distributor, and they carry everything for Gray Marine engines, including rebuilt engines, tune up parts, starters, transmissions, engine parts, engine manuals, gaskets, manifolds, and engine logos. And they rebuild engines, and people ship their engines to them from all over the U.S..

They also have many parts for ChrisCraft, Chrysler, Chevrolet and Hercules engines, all fo which they also rebuild. They also represent Velvet Drive transmissions, and an assortment of other marine hardware items.

Contact info (866)846-2039 and


Rebuilding and maintenance of an older marine engine may be the most economical way to go, but finding parts may be the most difficult problem. Here is a classic, 1964, 200 hp Gray Marine (V8CF-220) Fireball V-8, gasoline inboard. Luckily, the necessary parts are still available from Barr Manifolds and Marine Products.